Baby Teresa sells a line of gorgeous 100% organic cotton baby clothing and accessories. For each baby outfit we sell we also donate another to a child in need. For each accessory item we sell, a portion of the sales go to purchasing formula for babies in need. So far we’ve made donations in over 20 countries from Peru to Egypt. Our baby clothes and accessories are soft, cuddly, fair trade and make a superb baby shower gift.

To head to the Baby Teresa website or to make a purchase click here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cambodia donation with the Wheelers

Cambodia is a great place but is still struggling to recover from the effects of the war in Vietnam, the rise and subsequent reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge and the invasion by the Vietnamese Army. All these events left Cambodia a country in extreme poverty and also in danger from unexploded ordinance and land mines.

This aside , we would thoroughly recommend Cambodia as a travel destination. The amazing Ankor Wat and surrounding temples and friendly locals make it a great place to visit. Tourism is the back bone of the Cambodian economy, and we would encourage others to volunteer here as a rewarding way of helping others.

We volunteered at Trailblazer Foundation, through a volunteer organisation called Globalteer, making water filters and delivering them into villages to provide safe drinking water. Other projects supported by Globalteer include teaching English in non-government organisation schools, assisting in sports programs and wildlife sanctuaries.

While we were in Siem Reap we visited Kantha Bopha (Jayavaraman 7) Children’s Hospital. It was founded by Dr Beat Richner and is the largest children's hospital in the world, providing free medical care for some of the poorest people in the world.
Families travel large distances from remote villages to be treated by highly trained and qualified staff, the majority Cambodian. All staff are paid well by Cambodian standards as a safeguard against the corruption that would otherwise be prevalent.  Dr Beat Richner has a free cello concert to promote the work of the hospital, asking for blood donations or money or both, to prevent what he calls the genocide of children.

Security at the hospital is very tight but we were able to get in as we were going to give blood.  We explained to the nurse that we had baby clothes from Baby Teresa to donate to the maternity ward for mothers who were unable to buy baby clothes for their children. 
Although we were unable to visit other areas of the hospital, when she saw the clothes, she dashed out of the room and returned a short while later with the doctor in tow.  They posed for the attached photo assuring us the clothes were greatly appreciated, and would be delivered to the maternity ward to distribute to those in need.

Thankyou Baby Teresa for helping out new born babies at Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Ian, Robyn and Rachelle Wheeler

Monday, June 16, 2014

Carrie's back in Vietnam!

This trip back to Vietnam marks nine years of doing volunteer work in Vietnam. That is nine years and eleven return flights to Vietnam  I can't tell you how quickly that time has gone!  

This trip, however, was one of the most exciting because it was the trip over to see the restaurant/accommodation center I have been involved in open for business. When children in centres such as orphanages turn 18 in Vietnam they are generally force to leave with little or no education or vocational skills, often making it difficult for them to find work an quite often pushing them straight back into the cycle of poverty that got them to the orphanage in the first place.  This center is planned to be a home for these kids where they can train as cooks or wait staff, go on to further education or vocational training with a roof over their heads all with the goal of providing them with the skills to find long term employment and a chance at life for themselves.  Mostly, it is a safe place for these kids who have nowhere else to go.  I want them to feel like they can go there now, or if they need it, in 10 years from now.  It will always be a safe place for them.

We still have a long way to go but the restaurant is up and running and the first of the kids have already arrived. What we have found, however, is that further to this initial goal of what the center was to be, we have found that it is actually operating a little bit like a community center too!  

This trip I was able to use Baby Teresa to touch the lives of many people who are struggling in Vietnam.  When I refer to the restaurant as a community center I mean that on numerous occasions during my 6 week stay we had people turn up needing help.  From the mother of one of the kids in the orphanage who came when she needed a place to stay for a few nights and a few days paid work, to the grandmother of an orphaned child begging for help to keep him out of an orphanage, to a mother who's husband took off and left her alone with a baby and no job (who is now working full time at the restaurant).  We were able to provide Baby Teresa clothing for her baby and she now lives at the restaurant.

This gave me the idea to leave some of the Baby Teresa outfits at the restaurant so that they can be used when there are women in trouble who need clothing. Since I left there more outfits have been handed out.

The second place that I was able to donate Baby Teresa is "My Fathers House." This is a home for unwed women that I visited last year. It impressed me so much last year when I visited last time to deliver Baby Teresa suits, that I couldn't wait to get back.  The women there are just so grateful for any help they can get, every single one of them are making plans for their future and are actively involved in studying or vocational training.  The home is so lean and the children that are living there are just gorgeous and so well looked after.  I arrived armed with clothing from Tasmania as well as gorgeous Baby Teresa suits and the mothers and pregnant girls made sure that everyone got something.  There was one very young mother at the center who was due to give birth in a month and she just love the suits.  She kept holding them out in front of her and looking with them with a huge smile on her face - beautiful!  The center is being run so well.  Their biggest need at the moment is a washing machine.  They do have one but it is on its last legs and on its last run flooded the kitchen.  They are very good at trying to hold onto things - that washing machine had tape all over it!  Their website is the way they are changing lives in Vietnam is incredible.

Six weeks went so quickly and before long I was leaving the kids, the restaurant and 35 degree weather behind and returning to Tasmania (so cold!), but I'm already [planning the next trip and hopefully another Baby Teresa donation! Thanks so much again Baby Teresa - it was an absolute pleasure to take a donation over for another time.  I feel so blessed to be able to distribute these gifts to people on behalf of you.

 - Carrie Twine

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Casandra's donation in Uganda

Hi Carrie & Baby Teresa,

Thank you so much for your donation towards mothers in the village of Mpunge, Uganda.  I just wanted to share some highlights and pictures with you.  

Trip Update: 

Mpunge is an area of Uganda that is very poor.  It is at the end of a long, dusty bumpy road on the edge of Lake Victoria.  By the time our van arrives at the village the tyre marks on the road are only one (for the motorbikes) as very few cars ever come this far.  There is no electricity and until our visit no clean water.  

The majority of the baby suits we gave out through the medical clinic which we ran in the village for 5 days.  We treated many for malaria, scabies, worms, burns and carried out HIV testing and counselling.  The mothers who came in with sick babies were each given a Baby Teresa suit (until we ran out) and each time there were big smiles and lots of thank yous.  It was extra special to walk through the village later in the week and a catch a glimpse of babies wearing the suits.  

The highlight for me would be putting a Baby Teresa outfit on an unclothed baby.  I had seen this group of children a few times during our visit.  On this day we were walking the length of the water project to see how far the community taps were placed into the surrounding village.  A small group of children followed us.  Very tattered clothes, bare feet, and a baby boy on the young girls hip had no clothes on at all.  We were right next to a school and I asked Noel (coordinator for PresAID) why these children were not at school.  He spoke to them and then shared with me that their father was away fishing (this is a fishing village where the main source of income is through fish) and their mother needed to work in the garden so they could have food to eat, so the elder children needed to stay home to care for the youngest children.  It didn't happen every day they said (but I wondered if maybe it did).  Just this one day I had put an extra baby suit in my handbag, just in case.  I pulled the baby suit out and knelt down next to the young girl with the baby and pointed to the suit and then to the baby.  A big smile and giggles came from the young girl.  Noel asked if we could put the baby suit on, and the older boy and girl were so excited!!  To see the joy on their faces as their youngest brother was given something to wear was a really special moment.  At no point did they ask for something for themselves, they were just so happy that he had this to wear.  After we left we could see them running off to find their mother to show her.  Thank you for making this special moment happen.

Thank you for the donation of Baby Teresa suits, it was such a privilege to give these to families in need.

Cassandra Lamont

(Photography Joshua Lamont)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Carrie's back in Vietnam with more donated Baby Teresa rompers and formula

Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of donating Baby Teresa clothing in the past in Vietnam and on a recent trip back to Vietnam I asked around to find other places that may benefit from Baby Teresa clothing donations.  Of course, I still took some to the Tam Ky Baby Orphanage - they love receiving these new clothes for the babies, and this trip was no exception - especially as there are almost 20 under the age of 12 months at the moment, and only two to three carers allocated to look after them.  I spent hours in there just trying to give a helping hand - feeding, bathing and changing nappies, but mostly just giving them as much touch and cuddles as I could possibly give in the weeks that I was there.  The babies here live on very watered down formula, which is bought locally, and I was very fortunate to be able to deliver some formula carted all the way from Australia which was very kindly donated by Baby Teresa.  This is a real need on this particular centre as there are just so many babies and very limited funds for formula for them. The look of relief on the carers faces when it arrived was priceless and it was gone within a week!

A good friend of mine, who has set up a foster home fro older children pointed me in the direction of The Fathers House.  There is a great video on the Giving It Back To Kids website (the organisation that set this home up)  This organisation is doing some amazing things through central Vietnam and this project is no exception.

As stated on their website this home is for girls that are pregnant and have nowhere to go. Mother’s are encouraged to move into The Father's House as soon as possible. In the home the scared, expectant, mother will be taken care of nutritionally, medically and in an environment to nurture her emotionally.  The mothers must agree to stay at least 6 months after the birth of their baby. They are expected to follow all of the house rules, be active in the house, and learn to take care of their newborns. If the mother decides to stay beyond 6 months she must be actively pursuing either an education, or a higher level of vocational training. In a word, something that will allow her to raise her child with some financial dignity.

My visit to the home was unexpected - we just rocked up with arms full of Baby Teresa suits and a small amount of fundraised funds, and we were greeted with the most amazing smiles from the mothers (or some future mothers) and children.  It was such a happy, positive place to visit.  Interestingly enough, I asked the girls what sort of things they needed funds for and they were so shy and really hesitant to ask for anything (to be honest, something I’m not used to in Vietnam!!).  I eventually got that they would like some walkers for the toddlers, which fortunately I had the funds for then and there so was able to purchase for them.  My visit was brief but it seems the biggest need there is for funding to help these women to build a career.  For example, a very quiet, very young new mother has just been doing her training as a beautician - all of the costs for this training are covered by the home, but she doesn't have the money for a make up kit (all her brushes, make up etc) when she finishes the course.  $50 would set her up with a very basic kit, $150 would set her up with the whole thing and allow her to get started earning an income.

Talking to the girls further I realized that helping here was a great way to get involved in a bit of a different area in Vietnam.  The 8 years I have been going back and forward I have always been working directly with children in institutions - street kids shelters, orphanages etc - but this is a great way to help keep children OUT of these institutions - by helping vulnerable women stand on their own two feet so they have the choice to keep their children.

Thanks so much Baby Teresa for the donation and therefore the opportunity to visit somewhere a bit out of my comfort zone.  I cant wait to get together some funds before my return next year to see if I can help these brave young women realise all that they can be... and hopefully turn up with some more Baby Teresa suits - as you can see from the photos they were such a big hit!!

Baby Teresa donation to White Cross Childrens Home in Manila

One of our fabulous followers has just returned from doing a Baby Teresa donation in Manila.  A big thanks to Karen for supporting Baby Teresa!    Here is Karen's story -  

My name is Karen and I recently had the opportunity to spend eleven days in Manila visiting my fiance while he is there with work. I contacted Baby Teresa and asked if they would like me to deliver a donation of rompers to Manila.  They happily said yes and I was soon on my way with twenty rompers.

I researched a few orphanages and found the White Cross Children's Home.  They look after orphans along with children whose parents cannot look after them for a number of reasons.  When I phoned them I had my hotel concierge help me - well, I handed him my phone and had him do the talking.  It was a beautiful mix of English and Filipino.  They would be happy to receive the donation, come any day between these hours and photos ok but no close ups of their children.

Through the gate I went to the office looking at a beautiful yet old building.  I was warmly welcomed by the staff who after filling out some paperwork happily posed for photos with me and the rompers.
The children are a mix of orphans and those who for whatever reason are unable to be with their parents at the moment.

One staff member took me on a tour of their facility. First to the toddlers then to the three and four year olds.  This group all wanted to hold my hand.  The children didn't speak much english but we communicated with smiles.  The boys were watching Superman, their favourite movie on a little dvd player.

Each dorm has cots or beds all kitted out with matching bedding.  One room had tweety bird bedding, another bedding from an American sports team.

As much as the staff and children smiled it was a moving experience for me. I cried at the end of my visit.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where are they now?

As we're approaching our 4th year sharing Baby Teresa with the world we thought it might be fun to have a look back at some of our gorgeous models as they've grown up alongside our brand!

What gorgeous ambassadors we have - enjoy...

Here's Matthew - modelling for us just last year in our new organic range and now - super grown up!

Here's Xavier, one of our original breed of super baby models from the very first newspaper article onwards - just about to celebrate his 4th birthday and off on his first day of school here! 

Here's Harriet - whose gorgeous hair and irrepressible personality (yes, you could tell even at 1!) was a winner in one of our first magazine articles now almost 4!

Miss Genevieve - who modelled at our first Hobart launch kicking things off for us! 

Miss Milla who has worn more than her fair share of Baby Teresa - and has also helped on three international donations.

Tate - one of our spunky first gen models whose winning smile has only grown over the years! 

Miss Florence whose cheeky enthusiasm comes across in any photo.

Here's Becky looking spunky and smily as ever with her baby blues.

Here's Reuben - showing that curls are an eternal fashion accessory!

And finally gorgeous bub Aiden who as a growing little man still has the whole world in his hands.

These little cherubs (along with you and your support) have helped us clothe bubs in 20 countries worldwide from good old Australia to Tanzania, from Cambodia to Egypt and from France to the United States.