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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peru Donation – Casa de Acogida Mantay

During June I travelled for the first time to South America. It was a truly amazing trip with some of the most breathtaking scenery and some of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. If you ever want to see stamina – watch a Peruvian local run up incredibly steep steps fully laden with 20 kilos (or more) on their backs.

For me – the highlight of my trip was in Peru for two main reasons. Firstly – after finding out that I was going to be expecting my own Baby Teresa in a few months my husband and I decided we’d still hike the Inca trail. 46km later and exhaustion doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt, but ending at Machu Picchu made it all worthwhile.

After the trek we descended back down into the amazing town of Cusco where I was able to complete another Baby Teresa donation – the other major highlight of my trip. Sadly due to transport strikes I was unable to complete this donation in person but the organization struck such a chord with me that I wanted desperately to make sure that our Baby Teresa suits went here. I think you’ll understand exactly why when you read about Mantay below.

I must first thank Jane, the owner of Jacks Café in Cusco, firstly they do the most amazing breakfasts you absolutely must try if you’re in Cusco, and secondly it was through Jane that, despite the transport strike, I was able to get our donation to Mantay.

So – let me tell you a little more about Casa de Acogida Mantay or just “Mantay” the Quechuan word for “mother” as so many seem to call it. It’s headed up by Raquel García Matías who was phenomenal to communicate with despite our language barriers (thank goodness for online translators like Babelfish and Google translator).

Mantay is a non-profit home specifically for single mothers aged 12 to 18. Some estimates state that 25% of Peruvian mothers are under the age of 18. Mantay offers support and shelter so that these young mothers don’t turn to abandoning their children under the pressure of being such a young mother – and often being alone.

Mantay runs workshops focusing on things like domestic violence, which can stem from a family being unprepared or resentful of their situation. Mantay also has a small workshop where the mothers produce artisan products Such as purses, bags and bookmarks. The skills they learn in the workshop can help them to find work in the outside world, and the products created can be sold to raise a little money for the upkeep and running of the home.

If you’re in the Peru area Mantay absolutely welcomes volunteers and assistance and their website is here:

All in all, as you can see from the photos this was a perfect fit for a Baby Teresa donation.

- Kirsty


  1. This is realy a blesed thing to do...
    Thank you for doing that.

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  2. Touring around the world is cool and exciting but sadly, it can also be dreadfully costly.